Mentorship Programs

When you want to grasp a new domain, training and books might help, but having a mentor to guide you is golden.

Here, at HR Hub, we truly believe in the power & benefits of mentorship. We consider it to be a valuable instrument, especially at the start of a new career or beginning of your professional life. With this belief we created a new project - HR Hub Mentorship Program.

The initiative aims to help young HR professionals and students to make sense out of the HR field and decide objectively if this is the right career path for them.

How does it work?

Twice per year we become mentorship matchmakers. We find the most curious students and proactive junior HRs and we pair them with some experienced professionals who are part of the HR Hub community.

We provide them with the framework and instruments for a constructive mentorship relationship and offer them 6 months to build it and achieve meaningful outcomes.

We then ask for feedback and start over with a new group.

How can you contribute as a mentor?

If you are an HR Hub community member, have at least 3 years+ of experience in the HR field and you find meaning in helping others become their best selves, you might be the one we look for. Of course, you will get through a selection process, but these are the main 3 things we look for in our mentors.

How can you benefit as a mentee?

If you are a student interested in HR or you just started your career (1st to 2nd year) and you are looking for a wise turtle to guide you in your professional journey, our mentorship program might be the right place to find one.

Our favorite mentees have curious minds, are responsible and super interested in their personal growth.