To all HR Hubbers

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Dear HR Hubber,

It's been a while now since most of us have started working from home and social distancing. Although everything came as a surprise for us as well, we haven't stopped delivering on the promise we have made to our community. Hopefully, you found in HR Hub a safe place to ask the questions you had and a distraction by engaging with the conversations and online events not Covid-19 related.

We felt it as our duty to let you know how we are going to handle our activity in the months coming. So here we are.

Although some of the restrictions in Romania are lifted, social distancing will keep being the best practice. So this is exactly what we are going to encourage by continuing to deliver online events, to the detriment of offline interactions until the end of the summer. Starting September we are going to reconsider the situation and let you know how we are going to move forward.

What you should expect from HR Hub in the following months in terms of events?

Webinars were a part of our strategy even before these times, mostly because we can reach a broader HR audience and we can connect with international speakers.

Another part of our strategy starting this year was organizing events with a smaller audience, but with a stronger focus on applicability. We have already delivered such an event in February, on Building an Employer Branding Strategy, and we will keep approaching other subjects regarding the Employee Lifecycle.

Going forward, for each HR Hub learning experience will be using the following design principles:

Our mindset during these unusual times

We decided to look at the bright side and be happy we will have the chance of experimenting with all types of online tools and connecting with people we wouldn't have done in a normal setting.

Keep close and stay safe,

The HR Hub Team