Learning Goals for 2019

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There are a few things you should know about HR Hub: we’re learning addicts, we value our community and we like to bring new concepts from other domains, and apply them in HR.

Our events are always tailored to meet our members’ learning goals, to help them develop more on existing competencies and add some new shiny ones to their portfolio.

That’s why we made it a tradition to gather our community at the end of each year to share our HR achievements, to create our learning wish-list for the next year and, of course, to enjoy an evening with the coolest HR aficionados.

This year, we used design thinking to find out what the main learning needs and trends among HR people are. Here is the list of themes that will be approached in our 2019 events:

Keep in touch! We’re gonna have an interesting year! 🙂

Learn on!

HR Hub Core Team