HR Salary Survey - Results and Summary

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You work in HR. You’re in charge of everything people-related within your organization. You might be involved in Recruiting, Learning & Development, Payroll, and many others, including analyzing and creating salary grades for each of your colleagues’ job categories. You know (in detail) the image of their industry mirrored in salary ranges for each seniority level.

But do you know what the salary ranges look for us, HR Professionals? You told us there is a need to have a more detailed picture of this, so we acted on it. We asked the HR Hub Community to respond to a questionnaire and, with their help, we gathered 1000 responses from all around Romania.

Let’s explore more!

Salary Ranges

Below you’ll find data for the most popular categories of roles. Please keep in mind that the difference between Bucharest and the rest of Romania in terms of salary is around 500 - 1000 RON Net.

* Junior - 0-3 years of experience; Mid - 3-5 years of experience; Senior - 5+ years of experience.

** HR Business Partners at mid level have at least 5-7 years of experience and 7+ at Senior level.

*** HR Managers at Mid level have at least 5-7 years of experience, while at Senior level they can reach 10+ years of experience.‍

The best paid HR Professionals can be found in one of the following industries: Information & Technology, FMCG, Banking, Pharma, Oil & Energy.

Key facts:


Sometimes, the benefits package can make the difference. We wanted to see which benefits are the most popular. On this topic, there weren’t many surprises, apart from the fact that working from home and having a flexible work schedule are entering the top 5 benefits:

  1. ‍Meal Tickets
  2. ‍Private Medical Insurance
  3. ‍Gym Membership/ Discount
  4. ‍Flexible Work Schedule
  5. ‍Work from Home

In terms of benefits, nowadays, time is the most important currency. This is one of the reasons why, more and more professionals are putting great price on the work from home benefit. Having this said, we decided it deserves a highlight per industry. Some industries are offering more flexibility (Telecom, Services, IT and BPO), while some of them are not that permissive (Logistics & Transport, Oil & Energy and Retail).

We hope the information we extracted out of your responses will be as useful to you as we found it.

Thank all of you who took some time to fill in the questionnaire!