Curious what HR Hub plans for 2020?

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No matter if you are already part of the HR Hub community, or if this is the first time you land on our page, if you’re an HR Professional and you’re passionate about learning and continuous development, you should read the article below. Why?

Because it reveals our strategy for 2020 and we think you might find our plans useful for your own learning journey and needs.

Traditionally, at the end of each year, we bring in the same room our most dedicated members and based on their input we decide the focus of the community for the next year.

This time, the most popular and wanted idea was practicality: events & initiatives with clear takeaways that can easily be applied in real life. So, this is what we are committed to delivering in 2020.

After discussing different alternatives on how we could tackle this need better, we agreed on a more structured approach than any before. Having this said, we will dive into the Employee Life Cycle stages and bring light and new perspectives into each area.

In other words, if you stay close to us in 2020 and actively participate in our events, read our articles or check the resources we’ll share, at the end of the year you should have a clear view on the main touchpoints in the Employee Lifecycle, acquire best practices to sustain each stage, learn new instruments and understand how Employee Engagement is influenced along the way.

Of course, we will not forget about foundational themes such as: Organisational Culture, Organisational Development or People Analytics, but they will be treated in the Employee Life Cycle context.

We strongly believe this approach will be a useful learning journey for any HR professional. Understanding the Employee Life Cycle end to end and how each stage is impacted by the others is the secret of providing a world class Employee Experience. This is also what lacks in most nowadays organisations: a coherent approach between HR functions. The fracture happens not only between HR & business, but is also found within the HR department.

In short, our goal for this year is to equip all HR Professionals with the right toolkits so that they can get closer to their mission, whatever that might be.

We will have a look at the following Employee Life Cycle stages, as seen from our perspective:

  1. Employer Branding
  2. Recruitment & Selection
  3. Onboarding
  4. Continuous Learning
  5. Performance Management
  6. Talent Management
  7. Exit & Alumni Networks

Each of them sprinkled with a touch of Employee Engagement, Organisational Culture & People Analytics.

Key takeaways:

  1. HR Hub 2020 focus will be on identifying the best ways to sustain the Employee Life Cycle from an HR perspective and translate them into practical instruments for HR professionals.
  2. We will put at your disposal a bunch of learning methods: offline events, webinars (with local & international speakers), workshops, case studies & interviews with HR specialists & business leaders and a tremendous community of practitioners.
  3. We remain dedicated to our core beliefs: fostering knowledge sharing & reshaping HR through innovation and interdisciplinary learning.

Stay tuned! We`ll come back with more details on our vision of the Employee Life Cycle and the announcement of the first 2020 events.