Bridging the gap between two worlds – Corporate & NGO

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70% of the employers find (very) hard the right graduates for their jobs and 40% of them are disappointed of the quality of the graduates.

This might look like a simple statistic found in an article. But an entire discussion was born in our community around the topic of Universities – Students – Companies partnerships. Furthermore, the discussion gave life to an entire event. The first event in our community that brought together two of the players of the triangle: students from NGOs and company representatives. Since it was the first time we organized this type of event, we chose to focus on NGOs and companies from the IT industry, and we were happy to meet more than 20 participants from both parties.

We first understood that we have complementary needs:

What were the key topics of the discussion and the main questions we wanted to answer during the two hours we were together?

We splatted in 4 groups and started to know each other better and answer the questions above. After more than 30 minutes of sharing, some common topics aroused.

When do NGOs and companies collaborate?

What were the problems?

What were the solutions we found?

Of course, this is just the first step we took in order to understand how NGOs and companies can collaborate in building learning experiences and grow the capabilities of students to help them become better prepared employees.

Our final conclusion was that each of us is accountable for our responsibilities when it comes to a partnership. Going further, we’ll try to spread the word and implement the solutions we found together.