10K HR Hubbers | HR Hub, as seen by Maria Mosorescu

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This year marks two important milestones for HR Hub. First, we are now 10 years old. And second, our community just got over 10K members. We are humbled and happy to celebrate together with all of you!

With our enthusiasm sky-rocketing, we reached out to a couple of HR Hubbers and asked them to share their thoughts with us. We hope you'll enjoy this series as much as we do!

Our story with Maria goes way back. She's been part of the same student NGO with two others of HR Hub's co-founders - Viorela & Christine. Maria is also one of the former HR Hub core members. We enjoyed some lovely weekend work sessions together a couple of years back. She is the Internal Communication and Employer Branding Manager of Lidl.

How would you describe HR Hub to a non-member?

HR Hub is the right place for open minded HR professionals, where they share their experience, their ideas and best practices. HR Hub is moving things forward in HR through networking and sharing ideas. Be there or be square.

One thing you learned through HR Hub and impacted you/your career in a positive way?

Sharing is caring about your own professional development, your work and your workplace.

One thing you wish you could change in the HR world tomorrow if you`d have a magic wand?

A better, more realistic and pragmatic integration with the business activities, needs and objectives.

One song you associate with the HR Hub community. Why?

John Lennon – Imagine. Cause HR Hub constantly invites the community members to imagine a better business world.

Let's celebrate 10k! Share with the HR Hubbers a personal memory related to the HR Hub community (e.g.: it can be something funny/inspirational/insightful, anything really). :)

I remember when we changed the name of the community. It used to be Young HR Pros and we wanted to rebrand it as we weren’t young anymore 🙂 (joke). It was our intention to be relevant for all levels of expertise and have an appropriate name and brand.

It wasn’t supposed to be HR Hub, but another one. After we invested time and effort into the new brand, we discovered that another community joined the stage in the meantime using that name.

So, our creativity was pushed to the limits and we restarted the process, the brainstorming and came up with HR Hub. It might sound easy, but it did take us some time to get to HR Hub.