10K HR Hubbers | HR Hub, as seen by Loredana Nilca

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This year marks two important milestones for HR Hub. First, we are now 10 years old. And second, our community just got over 10K members. We are humbled and happy to celebrate together with all of you!

With our enthusiasm sky-rocketing, we reached out to a couple of HR Hubbers and asked them to share their thoughts with us. We hope you'll enjoy this series as much as we do!

Loredana is one of the former HR Hub core members. We enjoyed some lovely weekend work sessions together a couple of years back. Now she is working in Learning & Development at Orange.

How would you describe HR Hub to a non-member?

A place to learn about HR no matter your experience so far and your industry. A great community where you will find answers to any questions or curiosities you might have about the HR field. The perfect environment to make friends!

One thing you learned through HR Hub and impacted you/your career in a positive way?

Learning never ends and you can always be better in what you are doing just by being curious. Two things there, I could not choose just one!

One thing you wish you could change in the HR world tomorrow if you`d have a magic wand?

I would buy HCMs with predictive algorithms for everyone. Oh, and chatbots as well, such a great investment.

One song you associate with the HR Hub community. Why?

“Three Little Birds” form Bob Marley, because “every little thing is gonna be alright”! In this community I have always found help and inspiration for myself and my projects and for that I will always be grateful.

Let's celebrate 10k! Share with the HR Hubbers a personal memory related to the HR Hub community (e.g.: it can be something funny/inspirational/insightful, anything really).

Back when I was in the Core Team, we had a special event with the HR Team from Coca Cola. It was scheduled on my birthday and I didn’t want to miss it for the world. It is to this day one of the most inspiring experiences for me. Maria Dinu talked about the organisational culture and how HR can be a true partner for the business and her speech made me realise that I was in the right place to be a driver for change in my own organisation.