Candidate Experience by Design

27th of May 10am – 16:30pm

Are you excited to be a part of the future of the HR profession and be part of the next big thing in the recruitment market?

In today’s competitive job market, the organizations that offer a better candidate experience are having the most success in reaching their hiring goals and aspirations.  It isn’t just who you hire, it’s how you hire, that helps you get the best people to join your enterprise.

To help you achieve this and become the best candidate experience designer, this unique learning experience has been crafted for you to add User Experience (UX) to your skills and be that key HR professional of the future.


Tools and techniques that participants will be able to put into practice straight away

A number of practical UX activities

Input sessions containing clear and practical information

Useful templates to guide your steps when designing your candidate UX

We’ll explore the answer to the following questions!
  • How does the candidate feel at every stage of the candidate journey?

  • How easy is it to progress through the stages of the journey?

  • What does the candidate remember about each stage of the process?


User Research
Candidate/ Applicant Persona
Journey Mapping
Candidate Experience Audit


After this course you’ll be able to:

Identify business goals, and user needs

Understand user experience design and why it’s important

Uncover and describe users’ mental models

Create personas, user stories, red routes and user journey maps

Recognise actions that can damage the candidate experience

Prevent potential candidate pain points

Understand what will tempt your ideal candidates to apply

Call out to the applicants you want by focusing on what really matters



Tudor Juravlea

Tudor is a User Experience trainer at He took part in many User Experience and Design Thinking projects during the last 10 years – mostly Telecom, Banking and Energy products and services.

Tudor worked for some of the most formidable companies in Romania: Orange, ING, Vodafone and E.ON. He loves to work with creative innovators and give something back, so he is often helping startups and NGOs.

He aims to contribute actively to the growth and public understanding of the User Experience profession and that is why he got involved in the creation of the first professional UX association in Romania: Asociatia Romana de User Experience Design.


Viorela Marcu

Viorela Marcu is an advocate of interdisciplinary learning, always trying to apply it to make HR processes better. With 5 years of working experience and a strong passion for HR, she believes we all have the power to change things for the better.

Before starting her career in HR, she worked as PMO Analyst, being involved in Project Management, Change Management and Communication activities for a SAP implementation Project in Ursus Breweries. She likes to believe this experience offered her a head start and that the skills she acquired during that time are her secret weapons.

In 2013, Viorela co-founded HR Hub – the first HR think-tank in Romania. She’s currently working at Optaros, being involved in Recruitment, Learning & Development, Performance Management and Engagement.


Eugenia Dabu

Eugenia Dabu believes in increased knowledge to make a better world and helping people for a better future. Experiencing 8 years in HR, she had an accelerated career evolution; her enthusiasm for HR got her a leading role @Lugera where she coordinated complex projects for companies such as Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale, Amazon, Vodafone.

During this experience, she mentored up to 50 trainees, managed a team of 12 to 20 recruitment consultants, designed one of the most successful HR internship in Romania (Talentship) and delivered numerous HR trainings.

In 2013, Eugenia co-founded HR Hub – the first HR Think Tank in Romania.

Highly passionate about interdisciplinary learning, she is now fusing marketing, UX and HR as an Employer Branding Specialist @ING.

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Who Should Attend This Program?

Junior Recruiters, HR Trainees or other Professionals who want to begin their career in Recruitment.

HR Hub can also deliver this course in-house, tailoring the content to meet your organization’s needs.